Automatic baby bottles

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At the end of sixth month, babies need complementary foods in addition to milk. But teaching the new feeding habits requires a lot of time and energy. For this reason, the use of feeding devices that teach this change to the baby is very revealing. Because of having a movable straw,Babyland automate baby bottles are designed to make this change easy. The nipple let the baby to continue to feed as before, and at the same time, using straw and automatic regulator, teach him sucking in other ways. Using this product, feeding becomes possible in standing and sitting positions. The unique design of this product makes the nipple to be full of milkin any case at the time of sucking and therefore the amount of air entering the milk flow is controlledand this prevents flatulence and bloating. The anti-flatulence effect of babyland automatic baby bottles are doubled with these new and powerful nipples. Srshyshh the Land Bibi this powerful new product will be doubledfeeding becomes possible in standing up and sitting positions