Baby Plates

نمایش یک نتیجه

The best time for supplementary feeding is after six months of age, because after this time the baby’s nutritional requirements are not met only with milk and his digestive system gradually becomes adopted to digest and absorb semi-solid foods. Therefore, feeding with supplement foods should start with the simplest foods that couldbe cereal, a variety of porridge and soups. BabyLand feeding plate with a special design is suitable for feeding the supplementfoods and nutrition as well as a suitable method to trainindependent feeding and start using the spoon.

The body of the bottle is made of food grade, transparent and soft silicon in the form of child’s hands. By a slight pressure to the bottle, the contents of the tank flows gently to the spoon attached to it. The 150 ml graduated tank of the product allows you to determine the appropriate feeding size according to the child’s age and weight. The size of the hole embedded on the scoop prevents the contents of the bottle jumping into the baby’s throat. The spoon protective cap allows you to keep the contents of the bottle without contaminating it by dirt and makes carrying the bottle easy for the mother.