Polypropylene baby bottles

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Babyland Polypropylene baby bottlesare designed in three sizes of 150ml, 240 ml and 300 ml, in two types of classic and widemouth, appropriate to baby’s age. Using high quality raw materials, transparent and lightweight polypropylene in the structure of the product is such that makes its body pearlescent and transparent, and its high resistance against boiling water, makes use of the product easier.

Sleep and nutrition are vital to the health and growth of your children. Flatulence and abdominal pain are of the biggest obstacles against adequate nutrition as well as children peace, and this makesmothers to feel worry about the appropriate growth of their baby. Babyland wide mouth baby bottles are specially designed to reduce bloating. Thevalve designed in this product lets the air enter into the bottle, compensating the negative pressure inside the bottle which is a result of sucking milk by the baby, and the baby can continue feeding without interruption. This process prevents air entering the stomach of the baby and thus prevents bloating. Babyland wide mouth P.P baby bottles with its unique design, which is adapted from the breast, induce natural sense of breast-feeding by the mother makes breast feeding possible. The bottle’s wide mouth makes cleaning easier and more hygienic.